Police issue Silver Alert for missing 22-year-old woman from Beech Grove

Monitor flight delays with this CBS4 tool before you begin your holiday travel!

It’s no secret the holiday season is a peak time for traveling, sometimes meaning longer delays!

CBS4’s meteorologist John Dissauer created this handy tool to let you know of flight delays at some of the main airports across the country.

Monitor airport delays with the images below.  Information updates approximately every 15 minutes.


Flight delays in the midwest United States


Flight delays in the northeast United States


Flight delays in the southern United States


Flight delays in the southwest United States


Flight delays in the northwest United States

You can find additional flight-specific information by going to your airline’s website.

Air Canada – aircanada.com

Allegiant – allegiantair.com

American Airlines – aa.com

Delta Airlines – delta.com

Frontier – flyfrontier.com

Southwest – southwest.com

United Airlines – united.com

Status information displayed on the images above indicates general airport conditions and is not flight specific.

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