HAPPENING NOW: Authorities raid 3 used car dealerships in Indianapolis

IN Focus: VP-elect Pence discusses transition process

INDIANAPOLIS – Vice President-elect Indiana Governor Mike Pence met with Indiana Governor-elect Eric Holcomb for a cabinet meeting at the Statehouse last week.

The pair addressed the media and said they’ve been talking about the transition process since Election Night.

Pence also said that he intends to finish out his term as governor, and he called Holcomb an inspirational leader who will take Indiana to the next level.

There was increased Secret Service protection around the statehouse and highly interested National Press Corps members, especially since Pence has now taken control of President Elect Donald Trump’s transition efforts.

That shake-up reduced New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s role. Trump said in a statement that Pence will "build on the initial work" that Christie accomplished "to help prepare a transformative government ready to lead from day one."

There could be another Indiana connection when the Trump administration takes office next year.

Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN) is reportedly being considered as a possible choice for Secretary of Education.

In a statement provided to CBS4, Messer said:

"I don't know if I'm being considered, but I am excited about President-elect Trump’s bold education proposals and eager to do whatever I can to help make those proposals a reality for American families.”

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