Greenfield teen charged with rape, accuser says she couldn’t fight him off

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Justin Miller

GREENFIELD, Ind. — An 18-year-old Greenfield man faces a rape charge after a teen told police he held her down and forced her to have sex.

Justin Miller, 18, is charged with rape in connection with the incident, which happened in July. The girl said she originally met Miller in school although he’d graduated by the time they started seeing each other.

4 Fast Facts

  • Greenfield teen charged with rape
  • Girl says he forced himself on her and wouldn’t stop
  • Incident happened on July 3 and was reported on July 28
  • A rape charge has been filed in the case

The girl told police she visited Miller’s home in Greenfield during the summer. One afternoon, they were watching a movie at his home when she said he started to kiss her and then pushed her down. She kept telling him to stop trying to kiss her, according to court documents.

The girl told investigators she tried to get away from Miller, who told her “just us two will know about it, I won’t tell anyone,” according to court documents.

The girl said he pulled down her pants but she kept pulling them back up. However, “no matter what she [did], he wouldn’t stop,” she told police.

She said she didn’t try to fight him off because he “is bigger than her and he was going to get what he wanted anyway.”

The teen reported the incident to Greenfield police on July 28. She said the rape happened on July 3, nearly a month before. She told her mother what happened because she realized she hadn’t “been herself” since it happened and had been engaging in destructive behavior like drinking, sneaking out and missing curfew.

She also told police they’d had sex two times before that.

Greenfield detectives interviewed Miller on Aug. 2. During the interview, Miller seemed “nervous and unsure,” investigators noted. He gave conflicting answers to some of the questions. He said he couldn’t remember if the girl had been at his house recently.

He then denied raping the girl, telling detectives, “if you are asking me if I forced anything on her, I didn’t.” He told police he hadn’t had contact with her in several months.

Miller and his accuser provided their phones to police. Texts show they communicated in early July, including the day of the alleged rape. They discussed the possibility of the girl coming over to his house to watch a movie, according to court documents.