Ben Davis High School student arrested after report of person with gun at school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A Ben Davis High School student is facing charges after an incident near the school Friday.

Around 3:30 p.m., a witness called police and said a male was seen on campus with a gun. Officers arrived and attempted to stop the man, identified as 18-year-old Tyrce Duncan.

According to a police report, Duncan took off on foot. Officers were able to capture him at the Speedway gas station at 10th Street and Girls School Road.

A search of the area was completed, and no weapon was found.

The police report shows Duncan was arrested on charges of possession of a firearm and resisting law enforcement. The school will seek an expulsion for Duncan.

Ben Davis High School parents received a phone call with this message from Superintendent Jeff Butts about the incident:

Good afternoon, this is Jeff Butts, Superintendent of the MSD of Wayne Township. This afternoon at approximately 3:25, during the Ben Davis High School dismissal, a parent reported to our school that a male individual was seen across the street in a local business’s parking lot with what they believed was a handgun. Another parent reported to our school police officer that an approaching individual had a weapon and was entering campus. The officer then approached the individual and a foot pursuit ensued. The individual ran from the officer into a local business on 10th Street where he was apprehended.  The male individual did not have a weapon on him when he was apprehended and was transported to Ben Davis High School for further questioning. It has been determined that the individual is a student at Ben Davis High School. Our school police are working with IMPD to retrace the path of the pursuit in an attempt to locate any handgun that may have been present. The student will be charged by IMPD and the school will seek an expulsion for the maximum time permissible by law. We appreciate the quick actions by the parents and officers involved to resolve this situation peacefully.

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