Mayor Hogsett speaks with Myanmar community about Indy being an inclusive city

Indianapolis Joe Mayor Hogsett

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Mayor Joe Hogsett spoke to leaders of the Myanmar community of Indianapolis Tuesday to reassure them that the city is an inclusive one.

During the meeting, Hogsett addressed international and cultural affairs, education and economic development. The mayor also emphasized education opportunities that allow students and parents to be able to choose the school they want to attend.

“Every child in the city should have access to quality education,” Hogsett told the crowd.

Hogsett underscored the importance of economic growth to improve quality of life in Indy. To achieve this growth, the mayor said the city will invest in building roads, bridges and infrastructure and will develop other programs designed to spur economic development.

Elaisa Vahnie, Executive Director of Burmese American Community Institute, says Hogsett’s visit demonstrates his commitment to partnerships with all groups, including the Burmese in Indiana, a community of nearly 16,000 people from Myanmar.

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