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Tennessee hunter shoots possible world record-breaking 47-point buck

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GALLATIN, Tenn. – A hunter in Tennessee is on the cusp of breaking a world record after shooting a 47-point buck.

Stephen Tucker, 26, bagged the deer with a muzzleloader in Sumner County on Nov. 7.

The buck’s 47 points came to a total of more than 300 inches in length, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Captain Dale Grandstaff with the agency measured the deer’s rack using Boone & Crockett Club requirements for non-typical racks. His measurements showed it had a green score of 313 2/8ths inches, but after deductions defined by Boone & Crockett, the buck had a net score of 308 3/8ths inches.

“When I first saw the buck, I thought this is going to be a state record for sure because it had about the same number of points as our standing record, but it surprised me when I measured it and it went above 300 inches,” said Grandstaff.

The current Tennessee record, which was also bagged in Sumner County, is 244 3/8ths inches. The current world record buck was shot by a hunter in Iowa in 2003. It measured 307 5/8ths inches.

The rack on Tucker’s deer could shrink below the world record status during a required 60-day drying period. The antlers are will be measured again in January to see if they still break the record.

If other certified scorers agree with Grandstaff, the next phase of scoring will occur when Boone & Crockett members meet at an awards banquet in the spring of 2019.

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