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Dramatic video shows giant sinkhole opening up in Japan

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FUKUOKA, Japan – The video is absolutely astonishing.

A sinkhole opened up right under a major road in Japan, collapsing as witnesses watched.

One witness reported hearing a loud boom and then walked out to see the 65-foot-deep hole in the road, which collapsed around 5 a.m. Monday in Fukuoka, a city of about 1.5 million people. The sinkhole measured 90 to 100 feet across, according to city officials.

The hole is filled with water from sewage pipes that were destroyed when sections of the road collapsed.

It’s believed that construction on a nearby subway system led to the sudden collapse, which caused power outages and gas leaks in the community. The city’s airport also suffered a brief blackout, according to TIME.

People who live nearby were evacuated and several major roads were shut down as a precaution.

There were no reports of injuries.