Above normal temperatures to start the week; Changes coming for end of week

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It will be another cool morning Monday in central Indiana.  Temperatures will drop to the lower 40°s.

With abundant sunshine, and winds turning out of the south, we should see temperatures rebound to the middle and upper 60°s Monday afternoon.

Forecast high temperatures Monday

Forecast high temperatures Monday

Above normal temperatures will continue through Tuesday.  A cold front will develop in the central Plains and move through Indiana Tuesday evening.  Ahead of the front, clouds with spread across central Indiana.

Computer model projection of radar and satellite imagery 5pm ET Tuesday.

Computer model projection of radar and satellite imagery 5pm ET Tuesday.

Temperatures should make it in to the lower 60°s for much of the CBS4 viewing area.  Once the front passes, winds will shift out of the north and temperatures will begin to drop.

There is still some question as to how much rain we could see in central Indiana on Election Day.  Latest high-resolution computer models suggest less than a half inch of rain should fall through Tuesday evening.

Projected rainfall accumulation through Tuesday night.

Projected rainfall accumulation through Tuesday night.

If making plans to go vote, I would aim for going earlier in the day.  Later in the day will have increased chances for rain.


Unless we see December turn in to a freezer 2016 will go in the books well above normal.  January 1 through November 5 ranks 3rd warmest in Indianapolis since annual records have been kept (since 1872).

The first five days of November ranks 10th warmest since 1871.


For the last month people have been asking, "Where is all the cooler air?"  The simple answer, it has been bottled up in Siberia.  As of Sunday night (Monday afternoon in Siberia), temperatures are are well below zero across much of the country.  The cold air has been slow to move over the Arctic pole in to North America.

Sunday 11pm ET temperatures

Sunday 11pm ET temperatures

You can see the start of some cooler air beginning to arrive in far northern Canada.  The temperature is -15° F in Cambridge Bay, Canada!

Long range computer models have been suggesting a chunk of cooler air will finally make its way in to the Midwest late this week.  A cold front should pass through Indiana Friday.  This should lead to falling temperatures Friday afternoon - from the 50°s in to the 40°s.  Our coldest morning of the season should occur Saturday morning and again Sunday morning - lows in the lower to middle 30°s.

As I first mentioned on CBS4 News at 11pm Saturday, high temperatures may only reach the upper 40°s Saturday afternoon.  It looks to be a chilly weekend!  Stay tuned!

7-day Forecast

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