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Watch Plainfield fitness studio’s awesome ‘Thriller’ flash mob

PLAINFIELD, Ind. – Employees and customers barely knew what hit them!

The folks at Studio Z Fitness gathered in front of Party City in Plainfield Saturday afternoon for a flash mob. They performed a group dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” which is about as much of a Halloween tradition as trick-or-treating!

4 Fast Facts

  • Plainfield fitness studio performs flash mob at Party City
  • About 50 people performed
  • They danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
  • The video has more than 134,000 views

According Cristie Doffin Burtz, one of the dancers involved in the flash mob, about 50 people from Studio Z Fitness participated.

She said the whole thing was a surprise.

“Party City had no clue,” she told CBS4. “I know several people commented thinking it was a Party City thing. We just showed up there and blasted our music.”

So far, the video has racked up more than 134,000 views on Facebook.

That wasn’t the ghoulish dance troupe’s only stop this weekend. They also performed at Walmart:

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