BREAKING: Arlington, Broad Ripple and Northwest high schools recommended for closure under IPS plan

Unseasonably warm this weekend

Record high temperatures will be possible this weekend. The average high this time of year in 60 degrees and our highs will range in the 70s. We'll have dry weather except for a few isolated showers early on Sunday. The unseasonably warm weather will continue into next week with no major chance for rain until late Thursday.


So far this fall has been mild.



We've had 42 days this fall with highs of at least 70 degrees.


We'll have a sunny, dry Saturday.


Saturday will see temperatures 12 to 16 degrees above average.


We'll haveĀ  chance for a few isolated showers early Sunday.


Expect a dry, mild Halloween.


Tuesday will be sunny and warmer.


We'll haveĀ  a few clouds late Wednesday, but still mild.


We'll have a chance for record highs, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


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