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Voter group says dead people are likely registered to vote in Indiana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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INDIANAPOLIS — A data analysis firm hired by a voter registration group says its examination of Indiana’s voter database has found thousands of people over the age of 110 who are likely deceased and still registered to vote.

The analysis was conducted for Patriot Majority, a group affiliated with the Democratic Party that state police are investigating.

Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson last week flagged “thousands” of changes to voter information that she said could suggest fraud, but later acknowledged those changes could be legitimate.

Lawson’s office says it took control of database maintenance in 2014 and is updating it in compliance with federal law.

Patriot Majority says analysis by the firm it hired shows that the statewide database is riddled with errors.

Lawson issued this statement in response to Patriot Majority’s analysis:

“Patriot Majority has continued to attack me and my office to distract from the ongoing investigation by state police into their practices.

“Unlike Patriot Majority, we believe only a voter should be able to change their registration record. Which is why in 2014, my office began doing statewide voter list maintenance to ensure voting list in Indiana are accurate. Voter list maintenance is necessary and required by federal law to remove from the list voter registration records of people who move and die. I used a Pew Research Center statistic that said across the nation, 1 of every 8 voter registrations in the United States is no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate. This statistic is referring to old voter registrations of people who move or die – not current voters who had their voter registration changed without their knowledge.

“My office has been doing voter list maintenance now for 4 years, but it won’t be until after this election that old voter registration records can be removed in accordance with federal law.

“My office has been very transparent with two paid and earned media campaigns educating the public on our efforts to update Indiana’s voter list. In addition, we mailed postcards to all voters in an effort to update records.

“Clearly I take voter list maintenance very seriously. I am not sure why Patriot Majority is so defensive unless they are trying to distract people with this information. Why is Patriot Majority not concerned for these voters who may be disenfranchised if their information was changed without their knowledge?

“I would never go so far as to say someone is incompetent like the Democrat Party and Patriot Majority did to me. We may disagree on a lot of things, but I appreciate that every day we all get up and work hard for our families and fellow citizens. For Patriot Majority and Indiana Democrats to call me an incompetent racist, and chastise me for partisan behavior when I only provided information to Indiana State Police and did my job is extremely disappointing and hypocritical.

“And where did Patriot Majority get their file to do this analysis? I suspect they got this list from the State Democrat Party who also instead of worrying about these voters, have chosen to attack me.

“I think Hoosiers should know that there appears to be a nexus between the Indiana Democrat Party and Patriot Majority. Quite frankly, Hoosiers deserve better. As was the case with my office, we only turned over reports and information related to the investigation to the Indiana State Police – not party officials and activists. I’m disappointed that Indiana officials are more concerned about pushing an inaccurate narrative than Hoosiers whose voter registration was changed without their knowledge.”


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