Google searches for ‘write-in’ are skyrocketing; Here are the options in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- A lot of voters this election season have been talking about writing in a candidate's name when they head to the polls.

Voters can't just write in any name, though. For the vote to be counted, the name must be an official "write-in candidate" under Indiana law.

"If you write-in a candidate that is not a declared write-in candidate in Indiana, that vote would not be counted, but the rest of your ballot would be counted," explained Valerie Warycha, Deputy Chief of Staff & Director of Communications for the Indiana Secretary of State.

There are 15 different write-in candidates for the presidential race and two in the race for governor of Indiana. If you misspell a candidates name, it's up to each individual county to determine what candidate you wanted to write-in and if that vote will count.

You can find a full list of write-in candidate options here.

According to CNN, Google searches for "write-in" are off the charts.

Google Trends data indicates that the online searches for "write-in" surged over the last week by more than 2,800%, hitting a record high since 2004. The states with the highest rates of search are not battlegrounds, but Republican and Democratic strongholds.

4 fast facts

  • Google searches for "write-in" hit a record high last week.
  • States with the highest number of searches are party strongholds.
  • Searches for "is Bernie Sanders a write in candidate" spiked 2,750% in the last week.
  • There are 15 write-in candidates for president.

As of Wednesday evening, three of the top market searches for "write-in" came in solidly Democratic states: Vermont, Delaware and New Jersey. Utah, a reliably red state that no Democrat has won since Lyndon B. Johnson; and Indiana, home to Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, round out the top five.

Related searches to "write-in," according to Google Trends, largely focus on two politicians, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Pence, the Indiana Republican. Searches for "is Bernie Sanders a write in candidate" spiked 2,750% in the last week while searches for "write in Mike Pence" spiked 2,400% in the last week.

According to data from the Federal Election Commission, write-in votes accounted for 0.11% of the vote in 2012, which doesn't sound like much, but was in fact the largest share in the last four presidential elections.

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