Shannen Doherty posts moving photo after receiving chemotherapy

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Shannen Doherty is offering words of hope as she battles cancer.

The actress, best known for starring in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “Charmed” and “Heathers,” posted a chilling photo to her Instagram Friday, giving her fans a heartbreaking glimpse into her cancer battle.

In the photo, Doherty is noticeably weak lying in a hospital bed after receiving chemotherapy.

“#FBF to a very short bit ago. Day after #chemoday isn’t always so great. Sometimes one isn’t able to dance, or eat or even to think about the next day,” Doherty wrote in the photo’s caption.

She also offered words of hope.

“Sometimes it just feels like you aren’t going to make it. That passes. Sometimes the next day or 2 days later or 6 but it passes and movement is possible,” said Doherty. “Hope is possible. Possibility is possible. To my cancer family and everyone suffering…. stay courageous. Stay strong. Stay positive. #wegotthis. #fightlikeagirl.”

The actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. In August of this year, she announced that it had spread to her lymph nodes.

Doherty has been documenting her cancer battle on Instagram since the beginning. She even shared how she shaved her head.

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