Haunted house owner donates every dollar to charity in honor of late brother

KOKOMO, Ind. - 'Tis the season for haunted houses and there's a special place that's scaring people for a good cause.

Edge of Insanity in Kokomo has been spooking Hoosiers for nine years and donating every dollar to local non-profits.

Owner Walt Ingham began the venture with his brother Tom in 2007. However, the day before the haunted house was to open, Tom died in an accident.

"He was an entrepreneur. He was always on the go," remembered Ingham. "He’s never got the change to ever see the place."

The place almost never was.

Ingham wasn't sure he'd be able to go on with the haunted house without his brother so he closed its doors before they even opened. Soon after, family and friends encouraged him to create a memorial scholarship fund in Tommy's memory. The funds would come from money earned from the haunted house.

"It's definitely what he would've wanted. He would've wanted me to keep doing it."

The entire cast is made up of volunteers and all the decorations and costumes come out of Ingham and his wife's pockets. They both have full-time jobs to support the venture. Ingham often works overtime so he can buy new effects for the house.

He hopes and believes in his heart that his brother would be impressed.

"I wanted to do well for my brother. Make him proud of me."

Edge of Insanity is open on Saturdays and Sundays through October 30th.  Tickets are $10 per person. Visit their Facebook page here.

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