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Indy’s most haunted: The Hannah House is haunted by former owner, slaves that died in fire

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The Hannah House on the south side of Indianapolis is one of the most haunted places in the Midwest.

Indiana State Legislator Alexander Hannah built the 24-room house on Madison Avenue in 1858.

The mansion was part of the Underground Railroad, and Hannah hid runaway slaves in the basement.

One tragic night while a group of slaves was waiting to leave their hiding spot, someone knocked over an oil lamp.

The basement went up in flames, trapping the slaves and killing them.

The dead slaves were hastily buried in the cellar’s dirt floor to cover up the incident as quickly as possible.

Investigators and past owners believe those slaves haunt the house to this day.

Several people have witnessed the ghosts of slaves and have heard moaning and whispering in the cellars.

The mansion was given the nickname "the house that reeks of death" because occasionally one of the bedrooms smells like rotting flesh but the next day it smells like roses

Many people have seen doors swing open for no reason, and they’ve experienced cold drafts without explanation.

Also, the apparition of what many people think is Hannah himself has been spotted on the property.

The mansion is open to the public and they offer haunted tours every Friday night in October.

It can also be booked for weddings and grad parties as long as you don’t mind a few uninvited guests.

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