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Indiana native dribbling across the U.S. for a good cause

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- A Hoosier is dribbling a basketball across the nation as a tribute to his late mother.

Steven Cooper's mother died of lung cancer last year. In her honor, he decided to run from coast to coast to raise awareness for charities through the 7773 Foundation.

Cooper is from southern Indiana and currently lives in North Carolina.

On Thursday, he made a stop at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

"I could not dribble a ball across the U.S.A. and not come through my home state and dribble through Indiana University, and this is the most iconic track in the world. This is why we are up here, " said Cooper.

He said his endurance comes from running marathons around the world.

Follow his journey via Facebook here.

"As I reach the finish line, on November 11th, it will mark over 3,700 miles covered by foot and 3,700 miles dribbled by hand but the finish line isn’t the end … it’s only the beginning of a whole new race," Cooper wrote in a blog post.


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