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Tim Tebow comforts, prays over fan who collapsed after game

PHOENIX – He may not have gotten a hit during his debut at the Arizona Fall League Tuesday, but former NFL player Tim Tebow still made the headlines after jumping to the aid of a fan in distress.

Despite temperatures reaching the mid-90s, Tebow stuck around after the game and was signing autographs when a fan suddenly fell to the ground.

Tebow comforted the man, who was foaming at the mouth and shaking.

While waiting for EMTs to arrive, Tebow “put his hand on the fan and said a quick prayer,” according to KNXV-TV. Seconds later, the man gasped for breath and came to, according to reporter Kari Van Horn.

“They’re going to take good care of you, buddy,” Tebow told the man as an EMT evaluated him.

Tebow chatted with the man, identified as Brandon, and found out he was a University of Georgia fan – the rival school of Tebow’s alma mater, the University of Florida.

“You’re a Bulldog? You’re kidding me,” Tebow smiled. “Don’t even know how to respond to that.”

With Brandon in good care, Tebow shook his hand and said “God bless you, buddy,” before trotting toward the team bus.

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