Woman killed on bike after getting hit by box truck on State Road 37

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Indianapolis police continue to investigate a deadly accident after a bike rider was killed by a box truck driver.

The fatal crash took place Wednesday morning on the city’s south side along state road 37.

The accident shut down 37 for several hours and left neighbors saddened.

“I think it’s a terrible tragedy. I feel bad for both of them. They’re both victims really. One lost their life and the other has to live with that,” said neighbor Sandy McCloskey.

Sandy has lived along 37 for decades. She says car crashes happen all the time on the highway, but not normally with bike riders, despite people routinely braving the high speed of the road on two wheels.

“We do see bike riders because it’s the only way to cross if you live on this side and want to cross over. It’s not super common, but it does happen,” said McCloskey.

After the fatal crash, police say the truck driver stayed on scene to answer questions and investigators could not say exactly why the accident happened.

“To say with absolutely certainty is not possible at this point. The evidence suggests the bicyclist was peddling northbound,” said IMPD southwest district commander Michael Spears.

From Fishers, to Indianapolis, Lawrence and many more, fatal bike accidents are all too common around the metro. Police say drivers always need to be careful behind the wheel and bike riders need to use extra caution as well.

“Driving is a serious business. Any time you are behind the wheel you have to pay attention to all things around you and bikers are everywhere in Indianapolis,” said Spears.

“People just have to be careful and slow down. We’re in too fast paced of a world,” said McCloskey.

So far police have not released much information on the victim other than that she is a female.

Police say the driver is cooperating and right now the case does not appear criminal in nature.

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