Warm temperatures continue for first half of October

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A beautiful weekend around central Indiana.  Temperatures topped out in the 60°s Saturday and upper 60°s/lower 70°s Sunday.

Temperatures will tick up through mid-week.  For Monday, with ample sunshine, I don’t see any reason why temperatures won’t be a couple degrees warmer than Sunday (Indianapolis reached 71°).  Highs should top out in the lower to middle 70°s.

Forecast high temperatures Monday.

Forecast high temperatures Monday.


While it will be warm Monday afternoon, kids will want a jacket or sweatshirt for Monday morning.  Temperatures overnight will drop to the 40°s.

Forecast low temperatures Monday morning.

Forecast low temperatures Monday morning.


October has started very warm.  We are off to the second warmest start to October (through October 9) in the previous nineteen years.  Through Saturday, October 8, Indianapolis is 6° above normal per day.

The average high temperature through the first eight days this month has been 74°.  This is normally the high temperature September 24-25.


The warm start to the month is delaying the first frost of the season.  We are quickly entering the time when central Indiana has its first frost. (Temperature dropping to 36° or lower.)  For nearly all of central Indiana, it has not occurred.


Lafayette dropped to 38° Saturday morning.  It is possible a couple locales fell to to frost territory Saturday and Sunday morning, but it would have been very isolated.

In Indianapolis, the normal first frost occurs October 11.  The latest first frost was October 28, 2005.


I don’t see any frost happening anytime over the next seven days.  In fact, temperatures will likely remain above normal five of the next seven days.


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