101-year-old veteran gets thrill of his life, takes Harley for ‘one last ride’

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PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. – A big day for an Arizona veteran who is 101 years old. He was taken on a special ride in Prescott Valley.

It was called “One Last Ride” and for Ray Weser it was a ride of a lifetime.

“I’ll be 102 in December,” Weser said as he celebrated the big day.

Weser says he fell in love with Harley-Davidson motorcycles as a young teen when he was working on a Harley.

“Harley dripping oil, smoke coming out of everywhere and I fell in love with motorcycles right there!” Weser said.

4 Fast Facts

  • 101-year-old veteran gets the ride of a lifetime
  • He rode a Harley with about 50 other riders
  • The VFW and local Harley-Davidson dealership helped organize the event
  • The man fell in love with the motorcycles as a teen

And since then, he never wanted to stop riding. He worked for Harley-Davidson for 24 years.

On Sunday, members of the VFW rallied around Weser and, with the help of the Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson, granted him one last wish with “One Last Ride.”

“It was just a natural for us to come out and put him on a back of a new trike glide and take him for a ride,” says Logan Roberts, the general manager of the Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson dealership.

“He’s a life-long Harley person that really just lives in that moment and so this is an amazing thing,” said Weser’s granddaughter, Jennifer Miller.

She said this ride helps bring his life full circle, and he couldn’t be any happier.

“This is an amazing thing. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s died and gone to heaven already,” Miller said.

There were about 50 riders that joined Weser on the ride.

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