Stephen Colbert goes undercover, sells hot dogs at Wrigley Field as ‘Donny Franks’

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CHICAGO – There was something strange about the hot dog guy!

Stephen Colbert, a graduate of Northwestern University, went undercover as a hot dog vendor last week at Wrigley Field. He got a brief tutorial from Rocco, a veteran hot dog vendor, to learn about the box he’d carry around the stadium. Rocco encouraged Colbert to lift the box using his legs and not his back during the clip, which aired Thursday on The Late Show.

“After having this on for about 90 seconds, how often will I be able to take a break to have arthroscopic surgery on my spine?”

Before walking up and down the aisles at the Friendly Confines, Colbert had one final touch: donning a wig, facial hair and sunglasses to transform into “Donny Franks.”

4 Fast Facts

  • Stephen Colbert dons disguise to sell hot dogs at Wrigley Field
  • The Late Show host wore a wig, facial hair and sunglasses
  • Colbert is a graduate of Northwestern University
  • He interacted with fans and players in the “Donny Franks” persona

He tossed around hot dogs with Kyle Schwarber and took some batting practice while toting the dogs, running the bases after putting the ball in play. He then threw hot dogs at the umpire.

After that, it was time to mingle with the crowd.

“Everybody’s a wiener. Come on. Step right up. Who wants a hot dog?” he said.

His sales pitch?

“Life is short. We could die at any minute. Who wants a hot dog?”

He tried to perfect the hot dog “long toss,” throwing hot dogs long distances to the crowd. In one case, the hot dog flew out of its wrapper, leaving a fan empty-handed.

“That’s six-fifty!” he yelled to the fan.

A later toss was much more successful. He also bonded with fans.

“What are you doing after the game?” he asked a couple.

“Hanging out with you,” a man answered.

“I’ve got my cousin’s panel van parked under Lake Shore Drive. You guys want to come with me?”

And of course, Cubs players weren’t immune to Donny Franks’ charms.

“There you go, my man. Chicago owes you a lot,” he told Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo. “That’s six-fifty, please.”

And forget about chewing tobacco or sunflower seeds. Rizzo gamely stuffed hot dog pieces into his cheek after Donny showed him an “easy way to dip.”

The Cubs won their first NL Central division title since 2008 and have the best record in baseball. Back in the studio after retiring the Donny Franks disguise, Colbert wished the team good luck in the playoffs.

“Fingers crossed, it could be their first World Series in over a hundred years or roughly how long it will take you to digest one hot dog.”

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