Police: Teenagers robbed and beat elderly woman with her walker, stole her purse

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Police are searching for a group of teenagers who allegedly beat and robbed an elderly woman in her own home.

Last Wednesday, neighbors called 911 after hearing the woman screaming for help.  Detectives believe three or four teenagers got inside the home on the 2700 block of Astro Drive by busting a back door.

The 79-year-old woman told police once she saw the intruders, they attacked her, even grabbing her walker and using it as a weapon.

“It’s disgusting,” said Miss Sondra, one of the victim’s neighbors.

The thieves stole a TV and the woman’s purse.  Detectives tracked her credit cards to the BP gas station on Mitthoefer Road.  Twenty minutes after the attack, surveillance cameras captured a few teenagers allegedly using the woman’s stolen credit cards. Investigators say they were initially denied at the ATM, so instead they purchased snacks and drinks.

A few hours later, surveillance cameras at the same gas station captured the same group doing the same thing.

“I hope they do catch them and I hope they do bring them to justice and they get what they deserve. Nobody wants to live in fear especially when they’re in their own home,” said Malika Dodwell, a neighbor.

Dodwell's teen son Malik told her about the attack. He’s the one who knows the victim.

“She’s a very nice, kind lady. She doesn’t like to mistreat you or make you feel bad,” he said.

For the past couple years, the 8th grader has helped the elderly woman with household chores.  Malik and his mom want her to know they are still here to help her.

“I just hope she knows our prayers are with her and that we love her and that everything gets better soon,” said Dodwell.

IMPD tells us last year, the woman reported a break-in.  She wasn’t home during that incident.

Detectives released pictures of a black SUV and the man supposedly driving it.  Police don’t think he was involved in the robbery, but was seen talking with the teenagers.  Investigators believe he could know something that could help catch the suspects.


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