Columbus dentist denies pulling patient’s teeth without consent

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COLUMBUS, Ind. (April 16. 2016) — A Columbus dentist is strongly responding to accusations being made by a patient about a recent full mouth extraction.

Dr. Aaron Strickland, at White River Dental, released a detailed statement Saturday after receiving written authorization from patient, Donny Grigsby, to discuss details of a March 15 dental appointment.

Among other things, the statement says Donny Grigsby signed off on a procedure to have all of his teeth extracted, with encouragement from his wife to do so.  The statement also claims Donny Grigsby was not truthful about his medical history, which contributed to complications during the procedure.

The statement contradicts statements by Donny and Amanda Grigsby that Dr. Strickland extracted all of Donny’s teeth without their prior consent or knowledge.

The Grigsbys have claimed that they signed authorization for four of Donny’s teeth to be pulled.  The couple have said they were seeking a lawsuit against Dr. Strickland.

Strickland’s statement says he started the March 15 appointment by reviewing Donny Grigsby’s medical history and x-rays. He says x-rays showed that all but one of Grigsby’s remaining teeth were badly decayed and/or broken and his gums were infected.

Strickland  says he presented two treatment options. The first was series of visits to perform root canals and selective extractions and then replace the salvageable teeth with crowns and/or bridges. The second option would be a full mouth extraction followed by fitting for dentures.

“Mr. Grigsby asked that his wife come to the treatment room where they discussed the options,” the statement said.  “Mrs. Grigsby already had dentures herself and urged him to choose that option.  He agreed verbally to the authorization of the procedure and wanted it done that day.”

The statement says Dr. Strickland prepared a written treatment plan to extract all of Donny Grigsby’s remaining teeth and prepare his mouth for dentures.

“He signed the treatment plan and an Oral Surgery Consent Form for a full mouth extraction,” the statement said.

Strickland says he then put Grigsby under a type of anesthesia known as conscious sedation, so he was conscious throughout the procedure. He says at the end of the procedure, Grigsby’s oxygen saturation started dropping into the low 80’s, then Strickland administered a reversal agent and requested staff to call an ambulance. An ambulance arrived and Grigsby was transported to Columbus Regional Hospital.

During an interview Tuesday, Amanda Grigsby said she waited several hours in a lobby, unaware that Donny was having all his teeth removed, before walking back into the treatment room.

“There’s blood everywhere, like his shirt is entirely covered, his mouth is pouring blood,” Amanda Grigsby said during the interview.  “And he has no teeth.  He’s grumbling inaudibly.”

Dr. Strickland’s statement describes the situation differently:

“His wife was not sitting in the waiting room for 5 ½ hours unaware that he was undergoing a full mouth extraction.  He was not covered in blood from the procedure  He was not in a “medically induced coma” during the procedure.”

Strickland says Grigsby wasn’t truthful about his medical history, saying he didn’t tell staff members he was on blood thinners, which the dentist says would have dramatically changed things:

“Had Mr. Grigsby been truthful about his past medical history and medications, I would have sent him home with a prescription for an antibiotic and referred him to an oral surgeon for the procedure.”

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