Water rescues in Bartholomew County after severe weather rips through state

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BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. (July 14, 2015) – Water rescues and power outages marked a night of severe weather around Bartholomew County.

Dispatchers said there were more than 12 water rescues in the area thanks to another round of storms that brought rain, strong winds, lightning and power outages.

"There’s been water rescues really all over the county," said Bartholomew County EMA Director Dennis Moats. "And those are some people who have been stranded in their cars—and some people who have been stranded in their homes at this point."

CBS4 crews noticed debris on the roads as well as several traffic lights that weren’t working. Dispatchers said storms knocked out their communications for a time as well.

"Once the sun’s up and we start getting some damage reports, they will be sending out crews to verify damage and see what we’re actually dealing with," Moats said.

Duke Energy reported more than 8,100 outages in Bartholomew County as of 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Emergency officials said they were closely monitoring water levels around the area. Residents should be extremely mindful of the conditions and allow extra time to get to their destination.

Here are some of the rescues Monday and Tuesday involving the Bartholomew County Water Rescue and Recovery team:


  • 12:55 p.m., 800 N east of 150 E, along the Flat Rock River, one person and two dogs were rescued from a campsite.
  • 11:50 p.m., 700 W and Baker Hollow a vehicle in water with driver inside.  A neighbor got the driver out prior to BCWRR’s arrival.


  • 12:25 a.m., three people were evacuated from a house surrounded by water in the area of 525 E and Carr Hill Road.
  • 12:58 a.m., the BCWRR was called to the 3200 block of Flintwood Drive regarding water in a residence.  No action taken.
  • 2:04 a.m., US31 and 150 S, vehicle in water, subjects were able to walk out.
  • 3:08 a.m., rescued subjects with water in their vehicle in the area of US 31 and 150 S.
  • 3:09 a.m., three people were rescued from a home surrounded by water in the area of 6575 W 200 N.
  • 4:07 a.m., a vehicle was swept away in the area of 500 W north of SR 46.  Two elderly occupants were able to walk to safety.
  •  4:45 a.m., Brown County law enforcement requested assistance.  Crews are still on the scene in Brown County.